Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It is amazing to see how people change with time. It is not just behaviour but the physical appearance as well.

My face has changed rather significantly and it still amazed me how I used to look when I was a little baby.The picture above shows my first few months of life. The first picture was with my grandmother.

two years old

four years old

My siblings have slightly different face from me and for a comparison, the pictures below are two of my youngest sisters taken few years ago.
...and now the latest picture of them. Their face have changed a lot and I wonder how they will look in the future.


mosh said...

ehehehe comel hafiz masa kecik. dah besor comel lagi ke?

if you think you look different now, wait for another 10 years or so. definitely we'd look different some more :)

hafiz238 said...

@mosh, don't think so. I think I'm only an average normal-looking human being :)

Anonymous said...

alalallala....chomey nye...geram seyh..

hafiz238 said...

@dakchomey, takderlah comel sangat pun :)

Anonymous said...

hehe. rasa mcm boleh imagine je muka hafiz ms skang :D

hafiz238 said...

sekarang ni, muka ada sedikit berbeza daripada ketika kecil dulu yer :)