Saturday, July 05, 2008

Famous high school alumni

In the past few weeks, Malaysian newspapers and blogosphere have been filled with lots of political headlines. Sometimes, I get tired of reading the news since I'm not sure which is the truth and which is the false facts. Perhaps we need to read between the lines in everything that we read in blog or newspapers.

The latest big news that is happening is another allegation to Malaysian ex-deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and endless story on Altantuya case. An interesting opinion on Anwar's case by Ustaz Abdul Halim Abdullah.

I personally don't like to be involved in politics. It can be confusing at times and you need to read on both sides to gain a better understanding of the whole situation. You have to be careful of not being too emotional when read anything that is related to politic. The newspapers like to play with emotions and therein lies the danger.

Once your emotion clouded your mind and thought, it is hard to change your perception towards some politicians. I think it is better to be open minded in things that you do not fully understand.

Anyway, I hope with the current pattern of news in Malaysia, we do not forget the real issue that is faced by many Malaysians. With the increase price in petrol and goods, many people are being affected. At least the vehicle owner can get rebate from the post office but I wonder if there is any some sort of rebate or cash subsidy to those poor people who doesn't even have the capacity to buy a car or a motorcycle.

The petrol price in Australia is around AUD 1.70 / L (roughly equal to RM 5.10 per litre) and it has already affected me financially. At least I'm still single and does not have anyone to take care of, but to those people with children, they will be affected the most from the current high inflation rate.

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