Wednesday, July 02, 2008

exam is over...

Finally, it is over. Let me talk what happened over the last two weeks.

There are 120 multiple choice questions that we have to answer within 3 hours. It was held in Royal Exhibition Building. This is the building in my profile picture.

At first, the questions were easy since the questions were related to neurology. I spend lot of time revising my neuro. In the middle, it was getting harder, weirder and confusing.

There seems to be lots of question on medical imaging. I didn't expect that and there were many questions of which I'm guessing the answers.

Overall, MCQ was difficult and there goes my 40% of total mark.

We had 4 stations. Two history stations and two physical exam stations.

I think I did quite well in history stations but not the stations involving physical exam. The physical exam include screening for diabetes complications and targeted exam for acute abdomen.

In each station, once we finish the task, the examiner will ask us several questions. I couldn't answer all the questions in stations for diabetes and acute abdo.

OSCE was moderately difficult but the examiners and the patients were nice to me.

Long Case.
We were given 1 hour to spend with one patient and later presented the findings to the examiners.

I was literally running out of time for this exam. The patient was quite talkative and I had to stop the patient several times.

The patient had diabetes and alpha-1 anti-trypsin deficiency. I was dumbfounded when I heard alpha-1 anti-trypsin. This is a rare disease and I don't think I know much of this disorder.

When the time comes for presenting the findings, I had mental breakdown and I couldn't answer the questions satisfactorily. The questions were not that difficult but my mind somehow, freezes and not able to give the right answer.

I think I might fail my long case exam. This is a bit depressing for me.

In summary, the exam was difficult and I am hoping that I'm able to pass the exam.


Intan Saleh said...

whoa.. so u are the one yang dpt alpha-1 anti-trypsin def. that was tough. well.. we've done our best (err.. i know i didnt). let's hope we all pass.. yang penting it's over for now.

Anonymous said...

wah. dh habis exam ye. [diya tak tahu nak komen camne ngan exam hafiz amek tu, sbb diya tak penah amek exam tu. huhu]. takpe, hafiz dh try the best kan. so, tawakal jelah ;)

hafiz238 said...

@ intan, yeah, let us hope that all of us can proceed to the next semester.

@ diya, betul tu. lepas berusaha, the next stage is bertawakal :)

mosh said...

so, did you pass? fd has got her results and you have too right?