Friday, April 08, 2005


This is my 111th post published on this blog. Within less than a year, I managed to come up to this stage. 111 post written is not an easy task to do. Complemented with arduous life as a medical student. Nevertheless, some people can easily outbeaten me. They can easily wrote post daily without any difficulty at all.

111 posts...erm, that seems a lot. This blog managed to see me writing in two languages yet the literature of those two languanges is never my mastery. Some posts were rather personal and some were rather general and less specific.

Reminiscing the past, many things and events have occured between the first post up to this 111th post. Many significant and insignificant matter have changed my perception towards somebody or towards human overall. Changes are sometimes inevitable.

wishing for the past to change for better, that will never happens and that is also a useless thing to do. Must be brave to endure the unpredictable future and never easily giving up despite thorns and prickers along the path.

Hopefully, this blog will see the 1000th post later. Till then, wait and see :D

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