Thursday, April 14, 2005

The allegory of the pen - the interpretation II

The wandering devotee stood speechless for a while then turned to knowledge saying:"I am in a difficulty. The dangers of the path which you have described unnerve my heart, and I know not whether I have sufficient strength to face them and to succeed in the end.""There is a test for your strength” replied knowledge,"Open your eyes and fix your gaze on me, if you see the pen that writes on the heart, you will in my opinion, be able to proceed further on.

He who crosses the phenomenal world, knocks at the door of the celestial world, then sights the pen which writes on the Hearts."......

The next part of the articles discussed on the strength of faith towards God. Once you believe the existence of God, the next stage is to test the strength of the faith. How much you trust in God?

Many people will say their amazement when confronted with something that is beyond their experience and capabilities. For example, when someone learned the precision of the formation of rain and how the ecosystem is fully developed to interact with each of many components in the biosphere, many will be amazed. When someone knows how crucial and dangerous it is for the baby to live for 9 months in the mother's womb, he/she will be grateful that they managed to survive out of those 9 perilous months. It is very easy for baby to be killed in their early stage of life.

Now, once you believe the Greatness of the Creator, it is time for the test. How much hope you put on God alone? To what extent the belief on the existence of God coloured our life?

The devotee looked and found himself reflecting upon the divine attribute, Omnipotence.At once he realized the force of the mysterious pen’s argument, but, goaded by his inquisitive nature, he was about to put the question in the Holy Being, when a voice like the deafening sound of thunder, was heard from above, proclaiming :

“He is NOT questioned for his actions,
but they shall be asked”.

Filled with surprise the devotee bent his head in silent submission.The hand of the divine mercy stretched towards the helpless devotee, into his ear were whispered in zephyr tones:

“As for those who strive in Our cause, We will surely guide them to Our paths,”. (QS. 29:69)

Opening his eyes, the devotee raised his head and poured forth his heart in silent prayer:“Holy art Thou, O God Almighty: blessed is thy name, O Lord of the Universe! Henceforth I shall fear no mortal: I put my entire trust in Thee: Thy forgiveness is my solace: Thy mercy is my refuge”.

The last part of 'the allegory of the pen' talked about the practicality of faith on this worldly temporal life. Once you know there is God behind everything, be it bad or good, then you know that there is nothing that more powerful than the God alone. Then, how do you show your faith towards God?

That was in brief, the message that was being conveyed in this story, 'the allegory of the pen'.

When we read something, then contemplate and analyse the message, we ought to know what is good and what is bad. It is norm for human to approach a certain event from many point of views.

The first step, to know that God is the one behind my opinion is the hardest of all. Even myself wouldn't claimed that I have already surpassed the first stage. Have you?

Sometimes, when we were clouded with anxiety and difficulty, sometimes we blamed on God and sometimes we blamed on ourselves, though the best thing to do is to be patient. Have we?

Sometimes, when we were on the zenith of excellence, we claimed that this is the proof of our laborious effort in the past. We shouted to the whole world that this goes to show that we were in our own class. Cream of the cream, the so-called of those kind of group. Yet, please remember that God is the one behind everything. Eventhough we were glittered with the sparkling star of glory, don't ever forget that God alone is the one who determine everything. Not our effort though. Have we remember that?

Sometimes we forget, sometimes the whisper of evil swayed our heart to one dark side....reflect and reflect, again and again. May all of us be in the light of truth.


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