Thursday, April 07, 2005


isn't that title so weird? ;)

Was trying to release internal cerebral pressure memorising all those medical jargons =).

After only one and a half year being a medical student, I already accumulate hundreds of weird and mouth twisting words if not phrases, though some were interesting to be applied. Not forgetting that some were confusing and perplexing, the main culprit I believed to cause my fragmented neurons.

paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, orthopnea, apnea, obstructive sleep apnea, hypopnea, hypercapnia, hypoxaemia, hypoxia, hyperemia....these were some terms with regard to medical condition...

salbutamol, ventolin, theophyline, zafirlukast, montelukast, disodium necromil glycate, dihydroxypridine, digoxin, warfarin, adrenaline, noradrenaline, isoprenaline, acetylcholine, methacoline, propanolol, spironolactone...these were the names of some drugs that I have learned already and expected the list to be increased later in the next few weeks.

ANATOMY....this is the most ATP-consuming of all. Just imagine, within small region in the body, there were hundred of structures to be learned and I need to memorise and build a good 3D image inside my mind. No wonder this days most of my mitochodria were so active :) And, the last four weeks of this semester will be the hardest anatomy lectures of all. Learning all those muscles of hand and legs. A glimpse over the muscles, I could see many muscles layers upon layers. Expect it to be difficult as the week progresses.

Nevertheless, what is life if there is no challenge. Ought to be tough to endure these challenges. Must increase my ATP supply for full memorizing capability to prevent paroxysmal panic attack when the exam is coming ;)

With that in notion, off to study.

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