Tuesday, April 05, 2005


When I started blogging, sometimes I wrote in Malay and sometimes I wrote in English. Some posts were rather personal and some were simply my honest opinion towards the global environment around me.

Malay or English, I always noticed few if not many grammatical mistakes I made when writing the post. Language is never my strength. Sometimes, I tried to correct it but gradually couldn't be bothered.

Mistakes are always part of human experience. I let the mistakes engraved on this blog of mine to remind me in the future, that in the past, mistakes are part of myself. Thus, remind me to be humble and gave me the strength to endure the ever challenging life here on the planet earth.

Sometimes, we learned by making mistakes and the mistakes made us progress further. My teacher used to quote this,
"It is doesn't matter how far you fall below, but what counts is how far did you leapt from those fall".

Sometimes, the post that I wrote become controversial and received critical comments from the readers. For that, I thank to those people. Writing is prone to millions of error. In fact, the post I wrote were sometimes rather dry in that it doesn't have specific purpose nor special message to be conveyed to the readers and not forgetting to the owner ;)

Dear readers,
If you find me mumbling and rambling over insignificant matter, remind me. If you find me making grave mistakes that need to be corrected, please prompt me to do the right thing. If you find me pointing to the wrong direction, please steer me to the right one.

This blog is designed as my life reflection. The phrase on the picture on your left should tell you the purpose of me writing and posting it over the virtual world.

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