Monday, April 04, 2005


Today, when I was sitting alone in the room...waiting for all my friends to come to sit for the exam, something that I never expect happened. One of my group members changed rather dramatically over the holiday. Yet the change was towards good.

It took someone great courage to change dramatically. It took someone strong determined will to do something that elicit thousands questions upon those changes. Nevertheless, changing towards good is something that are welcomed and should be supported.

Over the life of a human being, there will many changes that occurs following critical thought over some event in life. Some changes are minimal in effect and some are somewhat big and affecting other people. Some changes are kind of paradigmshift in which the previous and the post event after the change is rather dramatic indeed.

There exists people who resist to changes and would like to stay in their current state. Dormant and static is what their notion. Their own thought and attitude are governed by their own opinion and past experience. If someone conveyed different idea, they might analysed it over and over and then throw it out, or perhaps throw it without further analysis.

Does changes permit human to succeed in this life? Some changes lead to the worst state than prior and some lead to the better. Remaining static will never lead human to the advancement of their own mission and objective, in my opinion. Be progressive, be revolutionist not evolutinist. Evolutionist is someone who change slowly over time and revolutionist is someone who change dramatically.

Life is an uncharted ocean of experience. Faced it with oar of wisdom and wind of courage.

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