Wednesday, April 27, 2005

embracing autumn, leaving summer

As I wrote this fingers felt a bit cold. All things that I touched felt somewhat freezing. No more hot shiny summer at Melbourne now. Many yellow golden crispy leaves already fallen. As I cycled to the university, surely I will crushed those crispy leaves. The used-to-be- green fields now turn to be yellow.

The night now is getting longer. The day is getting shorter. The final exam is almost near now. The winter holiday too is also near (*trying to use positive coping strategies ).

Everytime I went out to the mosque to perform Magrib and Isya', I always saw the ever white moon up in the clear dark sky. The dim moon light shone upon the whole Melbourne as I walked and take another step towards the mosque.

Yet this serenity and peace was not shared by many in this entire world. If you look into the mass media; newspapers, television....everyday, they showed and infused us with many saddening, cruel events....but there always be some good news behind all those barbaric issues that make up the major headlines nowadays.

Atrocities, inhumanity may have spread eagerly throughout this entire universe, but is there any hope for this? Is there any way out of this complex matter?

There is always hope. Never gave up too easily. Life is always full of test to the believers.

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