Thursday, May 31, 2007

CSS hacks for Internet Explorer

Microsoft, by not keeping Internet Explorer up to date as web development has moved into the era of open web standards, has caused web professionals all over the world a lot of grief.

True. Being a web developer myself although I'm still a beginner, it is a frustrating experience to learn how your beautiful design look ugly when Internet Explorer is the browser. Internet Explorer is far from web standard and caused major headache for anyone who are involved in designing and developing a website. One of the last step after fully developed a website is to check whether Internet Explorer ruins it again and again X(.

There are two main internet browsers in the world. First is Internet Explorer [IE] followed by Mozilla Firefox. If Firefox was not developed in the last few years, IE6 will always become dominant and Microsoft will never introduce new version of IE. Due to the popularity of Firefox, IE7 is introduced. Although IE7 is slightly better than its previous version, it is far from web standard.

There are many CSS hacks required to fix the problem in IE. Here are few links I found over the net.

Essential CSS hacks
Box Model hack

and the ultimate site for CSS bugs in all browsers... /*Position Is Everything*/

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Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Salam Hafiz,

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by the way, how's the research? everything went well? what's the topic that u're working on? oh yea. 1 more thing. i can see that u are into this computer thingy very much. hack-hacking etc. salah pilih bidang jd doc ni ;)

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Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

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hafiz238 said...


rasanya next time patut letak an email address if someone want to contact me :).

i've been here almost 4 years and my course is 6 years. Same as yours.

before this, study di KMB for 2 years. That's why i started quite late plus IB at KMB ends in May but medic course at Australia start on Jan. So, have to wait for another 6 months. Insya-Allah, provided I can pass every semester, hopefully will graduate on 2009.

research. Alhamdulillah, setakat ni ok. My research is about diabetes complications in children :). tinggal beberapa benda sahaja yang kena settle.

computer stuff ni hanya lah part-time sahaja. mengisi masa lapang apabila cuti datang berkunjung B-)