Monday, May 14, 2007

Define:Google :)

One of the search command you can use in Google is define:yourterm here. It will give you pretty accurate definition of any terms that you are looking for.

Now, instead of using define:google, this blog collected several interesting definitions of google :D.

  • Google is the most used search engine in my school, according to interviews.
  • Google is a web interface to the world.
  • Google represents a Faustian bargain between society and technology.
  • Google is a big platform for distributed computing.
  • Who needs the Internet? We've got Google cache!
  • Google was a search engine. Google is more than the sum of its usable parts. It is an entity that many use to access personalized information and find both new and old ideas alike. It is now an essential part of the Internet.
  • Google is the other half of my brain.
  • Google is the command line, the start of an OS.
  • Google is a gateway to millions of ideas.
  • Google is the crossroad where life is transfered from desktops to the Internet.

via Google Operating System

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