Thursday, May 10, 2007


There are several things that I need to add to my thesis. I have received the reply from my supervisor last week and she said that there are only few things to be improved and overall it is a good writing. Please note that the draft that I sent to her was not the first draft though. It was draft no 3. Currently I am writing draft no 4 which should be the complete version of my thesis. After the completion of 4th draft / complete thesis, I need to write another draft for publication which basically is my draft no 1 and 2 and summary of draft 4.

I need to update my citation / referencese / bibliography since there are inconsistency in the citations. I think this is caused by alteration of Endnote filters in my laptop and I quote medical journals from two sources.

Following my oral presentations, I gained several interesting points from the audience and I will be incorporating their suggestions into my thesis. That is the advantage of presenting your thesis in front of two audiences and to present it before deadline :).

Back to my work for now....

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