Thursday, May 31, 2007

First preference

The group list for next semester has been published. I got my first preference :). Alhamdulillah.

Now, I may need to revise certain things a week before the semester starts. After all, one year without lectures and exams have diluted my pre-clinical knowledge. I need to recharge my hippocampus again before embracing my clinical years. Speaking of which, did you know that my first unit/subject is Neurology, Opth and ENT B-). Start with the hardest first and hopefully this will uplift my spirit for the coming semester.


ummu layth said...

so dpt group yg tak yah gi rural ke? congrats! i got that kind of group too.

got the hardest rotation bagi ko semangat ek? ko memang sah2 nerd kuasa 10. hahaha =p kalau aku sure dah tensyen pas tu benci nak jadi doctor hahaha

i got the easiest first. general med. (rasanya lah..kene gi check balik jadual). bagus juga..."ease" into the clinical years.

hafiz238 said...

yup...tak yah gi rural...tapi eventually, all of us will go to rural in sem 10 or 11.

haha. :-B takderlah nerd kuasa 10 pun. rasanya ada org lagi pandai dlm kump tu. tapi oklah, at least rasa tercabar sikit >:/. Choose that group because it does not go to rural B-).

oklah tu dpt the easiest. at least good for warming up kan :-D.