Monday, May 28, 2007

feedburner and smilies

This blog layout has been improved with two new features.

I managed to direct all the blog's feed into one single feedburner feed. Now whenever you click the RSS feed on the browser address bar (the one in orange icon), you will be automatically subscribe to my Feedburner Feed. Thanks for Feedburner forum for showing the way to achieve this.

Now, come the hack for blog feed B-). The usual blogger feed is based on the updated post. This means that if I edited an old post, this post will come at the top of my feed. The usual case for this to happen is when I labelled my old post. This is quite annoying and I wish the feed is based on when the post is published not when the post is updated. Thanks to phydeaux3, now the problem is solved :). Now, hopefully, you will only see the post according to the published date.

Blogger does not support any emoticon/smilies icon in their service. Blogspot users have to find ways to put the smilies in their post. There are many ways that I found on the internet. Currently I am using Deepa's method which will show you Yahoo! emoticons :).


moshimoshi said...

hehe, macam-macam projek orang dah abih semester ni... :D

hafiz238 said...

kalau takder project time
cuti...nanti sure bosan :)

hayad said...

eh..nak cuba link utk smilies tu la..busan gak kalo xde ikon smilies

hafiz238 said...

jom meriahkan blog dgn smilies B-)

ummu layth said...

wow canggihnya
what else are you doing these holidays? lama nih

hafiz238 said...

selain daripada upgrade blog layout...hmm, probably upgrade car accessory too ...if have time, probably reformat laptop again (i usually reformat laptop every year)