Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Far away

I have received an email from my long lost friend today. He is getting married in a few weeks. This is another event that I will be missing since I'm far away from the place (hence the title).

If you lived far away from your loved ones eg family, you are certain to miss several important events. That is an inevitable consequence when you choose to study overseas. You can say there is the internet instant messenger and phone call to bridge the distance but the feelings will not be as similar as compared to the person who is able to be there. Your family may describe that the food that they ate when they attended a certain event is delicious but you will never know the exact proportion of deliciousness of those food. The same goes for your younger siblings. The last time you saw them, they are still small childish kid and when you met them 2-3 years later, they are bigger and have experience a lot of things without you.

Am I homesick? NO. This thing spontaneously came to my mind when I read the email.

Living far away from home does not mean you lose a lot. You will gain the joy of finding new friendship and new perspective towards your religion and your own beloved country. In fact, you may learn a lot of new things such that it may change your mind and way of thinking. Some people who went overseas for a couple of years changed a lot, either positively or negatively and surprisingly, some who doesn't change at all.

I hope that by living far away from home for several years will change me to become a better person. There are things that I would like to improve and things that I need to achieve. And when I have completed my study here for good, at least hopefully, I am able to say to my family that I have become a better person than the one they sent to the airport few years ago.

p/s: There is an interesting quote posted by Fahmi here.

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