Saturday, May 12, 2007

less than a week.

The submission date of the thesis is due this Friday 18th. Expect me to finish it earlier since I need to bind and made 3 copies of the thesis. This one whole year of doing research is almost over :).

The past few months have been quite hectic as I try to finish my data collection and writing the thesis at the same time. And now I have approached the last week of AMS (Advanced Medical Science). After this week, my winter holiday will start to kick in :).

In the same time last year, my life has been quite different. It was the end of Semester 5 and I was preparing to sit for the semester exam. The semester revolves around immune system and all of those nasty germs. Streptococcus, Staph aureus, vancomycin, T-cells, retinoblastoma and other sarcomas......these terms were in my mind at that time. The exam started early; right in the first week of official university exam and ended early too. Those were the days where I have to read medical books and memorize certain concepts and drugs [Starting from next semester, this will be the norm again ;)]

Back to the present time, what I am doing now is completely different. No exams and lectures for one whole year. Just do the research and if you have free time, follow the ward rounds and attend the specialist clinic.

I am not sure which kind of life suits me better. Sitting for semester exams or doing one year of research. The former demand me to study and memorize a lot of stuff and the latter require me to do a lot of literature review and involve writing a looong thesis. Both are stressful life and full of challenges.

Perhaps in this situation, I should follow my fellow comrades. Be a medical student and not a researcher. After all, isn't that what I've been doing in the past few years...

Okay, back to my work again ;).

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