Thursday, May 31, 2007

How do you label a post?

The headache of choosing labels for each post is what has been bothering me lately. How do you put label/labels for each post. Since this is a personal blog, I rant wrote almost everything under the sun. From personal stuff to computer technology.

For example, if I wrote about lectures and tutorials, I can label this as medical school or sem X, X refers to which semester I was in eg 1,2, 3...] or just put personal. Same goes if I wrote about Google products. I can label it as Google or to be specific, to label the specific Google product I am talking about.

I wish Blogger would introduce sub-category option for labelling a post. At least, that will put me in the right direction and reduce the number of labels need to be made. Imagine that you labeled all your post and in the future, you will see long sidebar full with labels. Perhaps, I need to be specific on what I am blogging for.

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