Friday, May 04, 2007

Feed readers

I have been using Google Reader for the past few weeks. Google Reader is a feed reader and it is still in the Google Labs. Thats mean there are a lot of new features yet to be introduced ;).

There are many versions of feed reader on the net. Bloglines and Newsgator are few of those examples. This is my first time of using feed-readers since my blog-reading behaviour has increased exponentially in the past few years. It is now easier to track all the updates on my favourite blog/website. As long as those websites have RSS or Atom feed (in Firefox, you see the orange icon on the address bar), I can add the feed into Google Reader. And one additional benefit is that I can give the comment on those blog/webs as soon as there is a new entry.

Google Reader also provides a blogger widget if I would like to share any interesting reading that I found on my feed. That functionality however requires me to upgrade this template first. Check Tawel's blog to see how the shared item in Google Reader is used. The shared item is located under 'Shared', below 'Podcast'

Do you have any favourite feed readers?

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