Monday, January 01, 2007


At last, the job is finished. Now, I can update this blog as usual :).

The cherry farm is about 50 km from my house and we stayed at the accommodation provided there. Most of the time, we will do cherry picking. The job is a bit tough and used up a lot of stamina. We usually started picking around 6 am and finished around 5 pm and by night, we are completely exhausted. Furthermore, this job is piece-rate which means that we are paid by how many kilos of cherry we picked. On a good day, we can picked around 280 - 300 kilo and on a bad day, we can picked around 150 kg. Overall, the payment is good and worth all the energy we spend picking :).

Being far from home and living somewhere near the farm does certainly give you a different kind of environment. First, there is no internet and it explains my absence of blogging. At night, I used to see stars and moon and the scenery was lovely. If you lived in the city, this kind of scenery is a bit hard to see due to the brightness of neon light. It makes me closer to see the beautiful nature and remind me the Creator behind all of this beauty. Alhamdulillah.

This time of the year, there were bushfires around the region. The bushfire in Victoria is getting worse from one day to another day. Most of the days were hot and there is hardly any wind around. If there is wind, it will be quite windy and it will help spread the bushfire further. The farm we worked was surrounded by thick haze for more than a week and the situation is quite serious indeed.

See the picture before and after below.....

Obviously working in the thick haze condition is a new experience for me. Nevertheless, we endure all of this and continue to pick the fruits. Alhamdulillah, by the end of December, the condition is starting to get better. There are few times when the rain comes and help to reduce the haze a bit. Until today, the haze remain a big problem for Victoria, South Australia, NSW and Tasmania due to the dry weather. Let us hope this problem will resolves as soon as possible.

I think that is all I would like to write for :). Here is a picture of the farm from the shed/ factory.

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