Thursday, June 12, 2008

Firefox 3.0

I have been using Firefox 3.0 Release Candidate 2 for few weeks now. I can proudly say that this version is faster, safer and snappier than Firefox 2.0. There are several big changes in the user interface and I think they are quite useful. They have also managed to fix the problem with memory leak. As a web designer, I am also happy to know that Firefox 3.0 has passed Acid 2 Test which test the internet browsers against the web standard.

Please note that some of the extensions are still not being updated to Firefox 3.0. Please check on your favourite extensions before you upgrade.

Last but not least, the complete version of Firefox 3.0 will be released this Tuesday, June 17th. Let us make this as a Guinness World Record for the most software downloads in 24 hours :). Currently, there are only 5888 people in Malaysia who have pledged to download Mozilla Firefox 3.0. Come on, we need more people to download this amazing software :)

Firefox Download Day 2008


Anonymous said...

diya pengguna firefox yg sangat setia. huhu. sampaikan klw dalam lab kompite kat kampus takdek firefox - ada IE jer - terus je diya download firefox. otherwise, diya takkan guna internet :p

farah y said...

Will be giving it a test drive.

p/s: Debugged the feed! All ok now :D

arsaili said...

salam still guna IE

hafiz238 said...

@diya, baguslah dah guna firefox. sekarang ni ada jer installer untuk firefox yang boleh install dari USB drive. tak perlu download pun :)

@farah, that's good news. I have add your blog in my google reader. the current version of Firefox is Release Candidate 2. I hope you like it.

@arsaili, kalau ada masa, cubalah try guna firefox. tengok samada ia okay ker tak :)

Tawel Sensei said...

June 17, 2008 will be the day of winning and losing for Firefox.

Winning - as the most downloaded software in 24 hours.

Losing - because many, great add-ons are still not compatible with FF3. So this day will also be the day where significant number of users downgrade/rollback their new shiny Firefox 3. Hehe ;)

hafiz238 said...

@tawel, that's true. I guess it will take time for the extension to be updated to Firefox 3.

Izudin Abqori said...

Actually, I’ve been using this latest Firefox since the latest Ubuntu released and I’ve already fallen in love with it. Because it has a very easy way to turn any website to Pdf. Read this . And try this.

But I don’t know whether it will working correctly in Window as it work very well in Ubuntu. Do tell me if it works well (I mean in changing a website to Pdf).

Kalau Abqori download di Mesir, akan bertambahkah kiraan rakyat Malaysia yang mendownloadnya? Huhuhu.

hafiz238 said...

@abqori, I'm not sure whether saving website to PDF is provided within Firefox. Perhaps, you are using one of the various Firefox extensions.

Currently, I'm using Foxit PDF reader which allows me to read any PDF file and print/save website, Office documents in PDF form. There are several Firefox extensions that you can use to convert website into PDF :).

mosh said...

i am an avid user of firefox also. 17th. june is here, today, now. but 17th. in US time belum lagi kot ehehe. they're always one day behind. nonetheless i will be downloading ff3 most definitely.

hafiz238 said...

hehe..kena tunggu tengah malam camtu. sebab waktu US ni agak lambat dari waktu di benua Asia.

Good to know you are using Firefox :)