Tuesday, June 10, 2008

iPhone 2.0 for medical students and doctors

I think by now you should know that iPhone 2.0 has been announced to the world and it is coming to Australia. Today my Google Reader has been filled with news of iPhone 2.0 and I shall not talk a lot about this phone.

The only thing that I should talk is the applications that have been created for iPhone 2.0 and one of them are medical imagings and Netter's on iPhone. I think that is pretty cool and would be quite useful. Imagine during PBL discussion, you need to know certain part of anatomy and by having iPhone, it will help you.

There is also an application of displaying CT and PET scan on iPhone. That is certainly interesting and I wonder when we will be able to have X-ray or MRI on iPhone too. With this application, you no longer need to bring your own X-ray in large folder anymore. Just bring your iPhone and show it to the doctor :D.

Pictures taken from Apple and Gizmodo.


Anonymous said...

huhu. klw bab2 gejet neh mmg le diya lemah. kaur la spesis enpon jenis ape pun. diya tak kan tahu dan tak amek tahu. ngehhh. bukan pe, tak berminat. klw kamera, minat lah jgk.

btw, dasat tol teknologi skang.

hafiz238 said...

teknologi sekarang dah makin maju...even kamera pun dah makin canggih :)

hayad said...

uish, bgsnye iPhone ni. leh jgk diguna oleh cikgu2 utk mengajo neh.

hafiz238 said...

setakat ini iPhone masih belum lagi dijual di Malaysia. so, kenalah tunggu. mungkin ia akan sampai tahun depan kot.

Hannan said...

this is a good one ;)