Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Stuff you needs for final exams

I got this video when I clicked the link in one of my friends in Yahoo Messenger. Thanks for the link :). Following on that, I managed to find several related videos. They are interesting.


rurouni said...

ive downloaded these and listen to them bebila terasa want to.
i dunno when will ur big exams be. anyhow, all d best ey. currently im doin psyche, honestly im enjoying it. i hate ortho sbb OSCE dia bengong. awaiting for the result and im truly cuak here :D
anyway, i'll finish late this year, 5th december. that is sedey.

i believe u can do it, ganbatte~

hafiz238 said...

my exam will start on 25th June and finish by 3rd July. Thanks for the wish.

Don't be sad. My next semester will end by 12th december. Next year I will start on 9th february. I don't think I will be able to enjoy my summer holiday since I have to do my 4 weeks of elective...