Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Malaysia petrol price went up 74 cent

The new price of premium leaded petrol (ULG 97) is RM2.70 per litre beginning midnight tonight, it was announced a moment ago. The price for ULG 92 petrol per litre went up by 74 sen to RM2.62. Diesel will go up by RM1 per litre to RM2.58. The 78 sen hike or 40 per cent increase for the ULG 97 petrol is still below the anticipated RM4 per litre price projected earlier and among the cheapest in Asia. The announcement was made by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at a news conference.

NST Online
The current petrol price in Australia is around AUD 1.60 and it fluctuates every day. The expensive fuel price already cause high inflation rate and price of everyday commodities has been increasing in the last few years.

I bet that the price of food and essential commodities in Malaysia will increase significantly. This will likely affect every Malaysians and I hope that the government has some sort of mechanism to reduce the impact of expected increase in the price of goods.

There are already protest by fishermen, truck drivers and farmers in Europe due to expensive fuel cost. High fuel cost is not sustainable for economy and would lead to lots of riot and chaos if this situation last for another few years.

As someone who is using a car, I really hope the petrol price will go down instead of going up. I wonder when this wish will come true...


Minci said...

OMG.. this is bad newsss.. warghh

hafiz238 said...

although it is expected, but i think the government handled it very bad and the refund system does not cover everyone.

I think we will be able to accept the increase in petrol price provided that the public transport system is efficient, the price of the car is cheaper, the price of goods does not increase significantly and the money save from the petrol subsidy is used to boost economy further.

The living cost in Malaysia, I think, is certainly higher than our neighbours.

Mungkin lepas ni kena tanam ubi kat belakang rumah kalau nak jimat duit beli barang makan :)

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hayad said...

rs nk migrate je. keluor dr malaysia,hehe

hafiz238 said...

tapi kalau keluar dari Malaysia, minyak lagi mahal tau...