Monday, June 09, 2008

Style Switcher

This entry is related to web-design. It may contain technical terms that might confuse you.

What is style switcher?
  • It is a technique where the web visitors are given several options to change the website accordingly. They may be able to change the colour, font size, theme or general layout of the website.
Is it useful?
  • One of the objectives of this technique is to be user-friendly to web visitors. Anyone will be able to change the website according to their own preference. Hence, everyone will be happy and no more angry web visitors.
  • It can be helpful to disabled people. For example, you can provide the options of changing font size or change the colour to more suitable colour range.
  • However, some people say by giving too many choices, it will spoil the visitors. Too many versions of the website may not be useful in the long-term. A web designer is supposed to be able to predict the best option for any web visitors.
  • Personally, I don't mind of implementing style switcher provided that it won't interfere with the content of this blog. Inappropriate usage of style switcher can cause significant increase in loading time of the website or the changes degrade the usefulness of the content.
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