Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why are you checking my feet?

This was asked by the patient that I saw this morning. The patient was confused since the problem was the chest pain and not related to the feet at all.

This has happened many times before. The patient came with problems in one organ yet the doctor is checking other organ. It seems like the doctor does not know what is going on :)

I think the most peculiar thing that the doctor will check is your fingers and hand. The doctor will spend significant time looking at your hand and checking your fingers when the problem lies elsewhere.

To find out the cause of any disease, we need to look for certain clues from other place of your body and hand contains numerous clues. It is like completing a jigsaw puzzle. We try to find several clues by examining the patient and then, with the help of several blood test and imaging, we might be able to find out the cause of the problem.

Why am I checking the feet? Some heart problem can affect the blood flow going to the leg and may cause your ankle to be swollen :)


hayad said...

oo gitu ka? lps ni kalo ankle tetiba swollen kena p check jantung la plak,hihi

hafiz238 said...

itu pun boleh jadi juga :)

Anonymous said...

doc, tlg check tekak sy... sangat sakettt... hehe. agaknya sbb tertelan air laut ngan air pool kot :p

hafiz238 said...

dah jawab di blog diya :)