Saturday, June 14, 2008

Internet Addiction = Mental Disorders?

Found via Malaysian Medical Resources

In the March issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry, Jerald Block proposed that Web abuse be added to his field's bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Block cites research from South Korea, where he says, the affliction is considered a serious public health problem....

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If this can be classified as a disorder, I believe that many people have already been infected by this disease and I can add several sub-classifications for this disorders. Under internet addiction, I should add addiction to Facebook, Myspace, Friendster and ?blog :)

Some of my friends are being strongly addicted to Facebook and it is certainly not a good thing to do when the exam is just around the corner.

How to tell whether you are an addict? Here are the questions that you should answer.
  1. Have you ever felt you should cut down on your time surfing the internet?
  2. Have people annoyed you by criticizing your internet surfing habit?
  3. Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your internet addiction?
  4. Have you ever had to go online first thing in the morning (as an “eye opener”) ?
Modified from CAGE questionaire which is for alcohol addiction :)

p/s: you can try to modify this questions if you think you are addicted to caffeine too, which is relatively common especially among students.


hayad said...

hurm, i am addicted to caffeine. rs tak lengkap kalau tak amek coffee :D

er..intenet pun begitu juga :D

Tawel Sensei said...

When I read a lot of books to gain knowledge, no one criticize me as being addicted to the books. No one suggest me to check my mental health.

Suddenly I've stop reading the books. Now I read many great articles in the internet. Of course I spent a lot of time reading on the screen. And then people tell me that I'm seriously addicted to the internet!

I don't trust them. But maybe they are true because in the early stages of addiction, people often attempt to convince themselves they are not becoming addicted :p

diya said...

hehehe. jawapan diya yes yes yes no. kira tahap kritikal gak kot. tapi, klw caffein - langsung diya tak suka. huhu.

chem said...

macam terkena kat aku je..:P

btw..nk copy idea ni kt my site nanti ye..thanks

hafiz238 said...

@ hayad, if your answer is yes to all of the four questions, that means you are already addicted :)

@tawel, sometimes it is hard to know when you are being addicted to something. And it is not easy to get out from those addiction either...

@diya, tu kira tahap kritikal juga tu. kena cari cara nak rawat ketagihan internet camni...

@chem, you are welcome to do so :)

al-ikhsan said...

hmm..sebenarnya tak pernah pon rasa cam ketagihan internet selama ni..tapi ketagihan blog=YES! :P

tumpang mencelah jap:
it's actually my first time ever seeing Tawel Sensei speak[or write?] English and it feels kinda 'awkward'?

well, it's not because of his English and what nots, but simply due to his impeccable-flawless Malay that he writes on hembusan..hehe~

hafiz238 said...

tu lah...kadangkala tak sedar kita ni boleh dimasukkan dalam golongan orang yang ketagihan sesuatu kan ;)

As for me, it is not awkward to see Tawel to write in English. He has wrote in English before.

If someone were to write in Malay or English for long time, I believe that person will be able to deliver his/her message in that language flawlessly. It is all about experience :)