Sunday, June 01, 2008

Your online identity and Google

I read an interesting discussion at Pro Blogger. It was about searching your online identiy / real name on Google.

How important is your identity on the search engine?

Personally, I believe that it is quite important for your online identity or your real name to be on the first page in any search engine.

If you met someone new, the best way to know the person is to search online. The person who will be searching for your name could be your potential employer, clients or web visitors. If your website is not in the first page, you could be in trouble.

In my case, the potential people who will be looking for my name would be patients. Although I'm not yet a doctor, but this is something that I need to think seriously.

If I was a consultant and the patient could not find my name on Google, I would be losing lots of referrals. If a doctor has lots of negative remarks on the first few pages of Google, I don't think many patients will come to that doctor.

In fact, anything that I wrote on this blog will be scrutinised by anyone on the internet. This can have important effect in my future career.

At the moment, if I'm searching for my real name, the first website that come up on Google is my Facebook account and followed by my fotopage. This blog does not come up in the first page.

If I'm searching for hafiz238, this blog will be on the first page :)

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