Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lost & Found....

Found this in the quaterly published magazine by medical society.

Lost : Ability to enjoy life and time to spend with friends and family.
Found : Overwhelming sense of impending doom.
Last seen : Before entering medical school.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Commonwealth Games 2006

For 10 days, Melbourne has been showered with the aura of the Commonwealth Games 2006. Winners and losers. From sorrow to joy....all of those emotions were clearly portrayed during this entire period.

There is another side of the Games that may not catch your eye if you have not been listening carefully. The Indigenous people of Australia ie aborigines have set up protest and described the event as "The Stolenwealth Games". They have been marching in front of the Queen and managed to put big posters that managed to caught the attention of the people.

The reason for their protest....the wealth that has been taken from them ever since British put their foot on Australia. Interestingly, someone has argued that the Aborigines themselves have never been able to create wealth themselves. Due to the presence of British, the Aborigines managed to see the glimpse of wealth. Hence why the protest?1

But one could argue that the definition of wealth is rather subjective and should not be measured in materialistic point of view. Possessing a peaceful mind and body is part of the wealth too ;)

more info on "Stolenwealth Games", click here.

Looking at another side of the Games, the host nation, Australia has clearly shows their dominance by capturing more than half of the medals being offered. Some of their athletes even managed to break Games and world record. Quite a massive performance by Australian athletes indeed.

One of the most interesting things that had managed to capture my attention was the effect of the advertisement. National Australia Bank is the major sponsor of the Commonwealth Games and their advertisement on mass media has attracted lots of attention. They showed this one athlete training in throwing discus in many ways. He even went to ballet class just to improve his techniques. The advertisement shows how determined he is to win a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games.

At first, I thought he is an actor since I never see him before. In fact, most Australians never know this guy before the advertisement. That guy is Scott Martin, a real Australian athlete competing in discus and shot put. In fact he is a very good and eventually managed to get gold medal in the discus. Now, that what you call as a dream comes true, truly inspirational ;) 2

The opening and closing ceremony were bizarre and ridiculous. What could be so important to show footy players when most part of the world never know that game? Only fireworks managed to save the day. Too much money being wasted in these ceremonies.

Overall, Commonwealth Games is not that successful and created lots of unnecessary problems to the locals. Even the daylight saving time is being delayed by one week.

p/s: Commonwealth....hmm, I don't think all the participating nations have the same 'common wealth' though. The gap is just rather big and keep on increasing day by day.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

To make the heart tender

Narrated by Aisha;

Rasulullah said, "Do good deeds properly, sincerely and moderately and know that your deeds will not make you enter Paradise, and that the most beloved deed to Allah's is the most regular and constant even though it were little."

-Sahih Bukhari 76:471-

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Are you good enough to be a doctor?

I guess this is the main question that will be asked by JPA interviewers to the applicants desiring to choose medicine as their future career. This year, 11 000 high-achiever SPM students applied for JPA scholarship and there are only 1300 places available and most of them are vying for medicine.

Today, in Utusan Malaysia, it was mentioned that JPA is planning to test the short-listed applicants that are hoping for medicine; by exposing them the experience of being a doctor in the hospital environment.

Exposing them to the actual world that evolves around a doctor is a great idea. Not all good things associated with doctors are true. It is not that easy to be a good doctor and many things need to be endured and sacrificed to reach that level. Though you may say that this profession delivers high salary, that is only applicable in the private arm of medicine. In truth, most students will end up working with government, at least for first few years of their career. If your desire is money and wealth, don't choose medicine as your first preference. There are many ways that are easier and quicker than this path.

You have to be empathic to the patients but in the same time does not allow the emotion taking control over you. Practicing empathy is the virtue of this profession but the reality is so harsh to bear with. The working environment is full of stress and the working hours are quite long.

Studying medicine is not just learning and grasping the knowledge. You have to be able to cope with the increasing stress and able to communicate well with many types of patient. And sometimes have to bear with angry patient too ;)

Yet, stepping into this path does note mean it is all gloomy and scary till the end. If you are sincere in choosing this journey, you will embrace the glory and beauty of the human creation. In every minute details that lies hidden in the network of cells and tissue that made up of a human being, there are enourmous signs of the Creator to be ponder upon. Even in a seemingly simple virus, lies the complexity of the creation. Subhanallah.

For those students who are choosing medicine as their future career, please contemplate deeply and consult with many people too. Life is not that easy to begin with but at the end of this struggle and hardship, hopefully all of us will be able to achieve something good out of this career. Insya-Allah.

higher price of banana...

Since Australia never imports banana from oversea because of concern of bioterrorism, the price of banana is expected to be on the rise due to Cyclone Larry that hit Queensland last night. Queensland is the major producer of banana in Australia. With speed of 290 km/h, fortunately nobody were injured. I think that storm is in Category 5.

Just imagine this kind of storm hit Malaysia. I am pretty sure there will be lots of devastation and many people will lost their beloved ones (theoretically). What would we do in this kind of situation? Grieve, angry, mad....

Massive preparation will be established to prevent further damage in the future such as that has been done for tsunami that hit Asia at the end of 2004. Massive plan will be put into action and great cooperation among many agencies will come to surface.

That is the most common plan that human does in preparing for major devastating event. One should contemplate and ask, how do we prepare our ownselves for the next big thing that will happen to us. An 'event' that nobody can escaped from. The Day of Judgement, that is...

Sometimes we tend to think that youth is only once in lifetime and it is to be enjoyed to the fullest, but are those our daily actions lead us closer to Allah?

If a cyclone hits Queensland caused the price of banana to be increased.....then, wherever we encounter a great sign of Allah's greatness, shouldn't our iman become better than before?

Monday, March 20, 2006

far far away

Today, the ICM placement was announced. For this semester, there are three clinical placements and guess where they put me. Quite far and I have to take a train and it almost at the end of Zone 1. Earlier this semester, we are required to fill in our details and it was my hope that I get a clinic that was close to home....yet, I was wrong.

And it was on Wednesday, to which I have 8am lecture and I still deciding whether to attend those lecture or not, since it will take some time to reach the clinical placement from university...hmm....

Friday, March 17, 2006

the cost of learning....

experience is a great teacher but sometimes it comes at a great price

Monday, March 13, 2006

Tombo ati....

Peribadi berzikir, zikir menjadi keperibadiannya,
Allah tujuannya, Rasulullah SAW teladan dalam hidupnya,

Dunia ini pun menjadi syurga sebelum syurga sebenarnya,
Bumi menjadi masjid baginya,
Rumah, kantor, bahkan hotel sekali pun menjadi musalla baginya,
Tempat dia berpijak, meja kerja, kamar tidur hamparan sejadah baginya,

Kalau dia bicara, bicara dia dakwah,
Kalau dia berdiam, dia berzikir,
Nafasnya tasbih,
matanya penuh rahmat Allah, penuh kasih sayang,
Keringatnya terjaga, pikirannya baik sangka,
tidak sinis, tidak pesimis, dan tidak suka memvonis,

Hatinya Subhanallah, diam-diam berdoa, doanya diam-diam...
Tangannya bersedekah, kakinya berjihad, dia tidak mahu melangkah sia-sia,
Kekuatannya silaturrahim, kerinduannya tegaknya syariat Allah,
Kalau memang hak tujuannya, maka sabar dan kasih sayang strateginya,

Asma amaninah, cita-citanya tertinggi teragung, syahid di jalan Allah,
Dan sungguh menarik...
Kesibukannya dia hanya asyik memperbaiki dirinya,
Tidak tertarik mencari kekurangan apa lagi mencari pahit orang lain,

Hadirilah majlis-majlis zikir,
Raihlah keperibadian berzikir dengan selalu
Hadir menikmati hidangan Allah,

Tombo ati iku ono limang perkoro

Kaping pisan, moco Qur'an sa'maknane
Kaping pindo, sholat wengi lakonono
Kaping telu, wong kang sholeh kumpulono
Kaping papat, wetengiro ingkang luwe
Kaping limo, dzikir wengi ingkang suwe

Salah akwijine sopo biso ngelakoni
Insya Allah Gusti Pangeran ngijabahi

Obat hati ada lima perkara,
Yang pertama baca Quran dan maknanya,
Yang kedua solat malam dirikanlah,
Yang ketiga berkumpulan dengan orang soleh,
Yang keempat perbanyaklah berpuasa,
Yang kelima zikir malam berpanjangan,

Salah satunya siapa bisa menjalani,
Moga-moga Allah mencukupi

-Tombo ati: Ustaz M. Arifin Ilham dan Opick-

Saturday, March 11, 2006


My current wallpaper. To remind me the existence on antigen A or antigen B on RBC and the invisible yet important interleukins, MHC class I and other soluble protein. A good note to remind me in type II hypersensitivy, drug bind to RBC first then being targeted by antibodies. A reminder that some pathogen can be extracellular and intracellular and RBC is one of their major target by hemolysins.

my own of way of revision :D

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

why do I blog?

For almost two years now, I have been blogging. There have been a couple of hiatus in the past.

The initial reason I set up this blog was as a place to write down all emotional stress due to study but later the path of reason took a different turn. Now, this blog was some kind of my own experiment with HTML and CSS languange that was once an alien to me. Able to design a couple of templates was a great experience indeed. Hopefully in the future, I am able to grasp more on this languange of web design ;)

Another reason to blog is for me to improve my hardly passable English. From time to time, I am able to learn my own mistakes by rereading my own posts. A great way to learn actually, yet I still require a lot more to improve on.

Sometimes, my post will be around religious stuff and that serves as a reminder to me and to the reader. Human is always forgetful but when he wrote something, at least that will remind him later in the future. I will always read my own post to remind myself. Always make mistakes but at least, I am trying to improve.

Regardless of that, there were quite few posts in which I describe my feelings. It is becoming rarer these days. Perhaps too busy or probably don't want to share it to loudly ;)

Another reason...hmm, by blogging, I am able to gain enourmous perspective on many events. If you surf around the globe, there were many kinds of weblog. Different people write different things. An event could be perceived in many ways. For example, the caricature of Prophet Muhammad SAW has caused quite an uproar in the blogging community to the extent Pakistan even blocked the blogspot domain since some bloggers there, wrote provocative issues on this matter. Even Muslims have differences in handling this issue. Some support the burning of buildings and flags and by protesting to the West. Some Muslims in the other end totally disagree and ask Muslims to uphold the dignity of Islam in a better way. By writing my own opinion in this matter, it adds to the diversity of perspectives in viewing this event. A reader who accidentally read a blog will enrich his faculty of thought in gaining perspectives of a certain event.

Nevertheless, it does not mean whatever I wrote here is always true. It could be wrong. By writing and if someone gave me a comment on my writing, I am able to learn my mistake. Sometimes, a person unable to see his own mistake but others could see it. So, if you see me make any mistake, please correct me.

enough for today....

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Legionnaires outbreak!

Something that is close to home....

March 02, 2006

THE search for the source of Melbourne's outbreak of legionnaires' disease continued today, as the potentially deadly airborne bacteria struck down its seventh victim.

The 83-year-old man is recovering in the city's Northern Hospital after his diagnosis late last week.

Department of Human Services spokesman Bram Alexander said the man had been seriously ill for several days.

"The man was admitted to the hospital late last week ... it fits the epidemiology," Mr Alexander said.

He said the man had recently visited Preston, the Melbourne suburb blamed for the source of the outbreak.

Health officials revealed yesterday that an outbreak of the disease was centred on the suburb in the city's north, and it had killed an 85-year-old man from Reservoir and put five others in hospital.

Legionnaires' bacteria is known to flourish in poorly-maintained air-conditioning infrastructure, and teams of health department staff yesterday took samples from nine suspect "cooling towers" before they were disinfected.

The Health Department is yet to pinpoint the source of the outbreak, and teams of departmental staff went back to the suburb today to look for further towers not listed on an official register.

The Northland Shopping Centre is home to one of the suspect towers, and its management has moved to assure shoppers that it was in the clear.

"The centre undertakes regular and stringent independent testing of its water cooling plant and has installed the latest equipment to minimise the risk to retailers, staff and the general public," Northland retail manager Matthew Norden said.

"Northland has provided its latest test results to the DHS confirming that all cooling plant is free of the disease ... there is no linkage with the centre to the reported cases in the area."

Mr Alexander said today the results of official testing would not be known for about a week, and it was: "too early to rule anyone out".

Melbourne businesses have been urged to check their sickness records, and any staff who have been off work with flu-like symptoms for more than three days should contact their doctor.

Mr Alexander said yesterday's disinfection effort was likely to curtail the outbreak but he warned that legionnaires' disease had an incubation period of 10 days.

"While we would hope that there would be no new cases, there may be people that are still in the incubation period," he said.

A 61-year-old man diagnosed with the infection was discharged from Werribee Hospital yesterday, while an 80-year-old man was discharged from the Austin Hospital.

Two women, aged 83 and 65, remain in satisfactory conditions at the Austin while a fifth person, a 43-year-old man, is recuperating at home.

taken from here