Saturday, May 29, 2021

Covid pandemic in Malaysia

 Number of covid case in Malaysia against top three countries in the world with covid infection.

We have already beats US and India, and fast approaching Brazil.

A total lockdown coupled with widespread vaccination is the key to stop our rapid progression. Financial assisstance should also be given for those being affected during this crisis. 

No more scrambling for power for those elected representatives. 

No more controversies againts covid infection and vaccination. 

No more controversies for unproven herb or supplement treatment in treating covid.

Covid infection is real and it kills people. It is not a propaganda or part of an elaborate hoax. 

The frontliners are already tired,exhausted and burned out. The hospital is full and we are approaching the limits.

For those patient with non covid infection, I am sorry to say that we have limited bed in the general ward and ICU to treat your infection.  The covid infection has become the main priority and it seems that the Covid pandemic is getting worse.

It is time for us to come together, put aside our differences and fight to restore our nation.