Saturday, June 20, 2015

Umrah Travelogue - Part 3

My first part of the trip was at Medina followed by Mecca. 

Medina, the city of Holy Prophet. It reminds me the struggle of the Prophet and His Companions to relay the message of Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala and now Islam has been spread worldwide. 

The Prophet Mosque. 
It it the main attraction here at Medina. There are several interesting features of the mosque in comparison to the mosque in Malaysia. Apart from being the second largest mosque in the world, it also hosts the original house of the prophet and the final resting place of the Prophet and His Great companions. One of the place where supplications can be easily granted, Raudhah is also located in this mosque. There are lots of historical remains in this mosque. 

The giant umbrella
It is one of the most common structures featured in any television show whenever you talked about the Holy Prophet mosque. The umbrella is extremely tall in structure. I will let the picture shows how big and massive is the giant umbrella. 

The aircond
I was surprised at first to see the location of air conditioning system at the mosque. It is located at the bottom of every pillar inside the mosque. 

Perhaps not common in Malaysia, here in Saudi Arabia, you can bring shoes inside the mosque as long as you put your shoe in a clean container most often in the form of plastics. There are thousands of shoe racks inside the mosque. 

This place is always crowded regardless of what time it is on the day. You have to come early to get inside to the Raudhah. There are allocated time for female and male to visit this place. However, this place is open to all Muslims during the compulsory prayer.

One piece of advice from me....this also applies to Mecca as well. It is advisable to come extremely early to the mosque for every prayer time. Even during Fajr prayer, the mosque is already full one hour before the actual prayer.

to be continued...