Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Career pathway for doctors in Malaysia

For many SPM leavers, one of the most popular courses in the university will be the medical programme. Therefore, in this post, I will be explaining the pathway of becoming a doctor and how to become a specialist in Malaysia.

After passing your SPM exam, you have to join the foundation course. There are many foundation courses available such as STPM, matriculation course, A-level, International Baccalaureate or any of the university pre-medical programmes. These programmes usually last between 1-3 years. 

Medical Schools
After successfully passing the foundation course, you have to compete with thousands of applicants to get into the medical programme. There are many local universities which have offered medical degree in Malaysia. If you are fortunate, you may also able to go to overseas to pursue your medical degree. On average, the duration of the medical programme is between 5-6 years. 

After graduating from the medical school, you will be entitled to join the internship/housemanship at any government hospital. In Malaysia, the duration of housemanship is 2 years. You have to do six postings throughout your housemanship.

Medical officer
Next will be your journey as a medical officer. Depending on the availability, you will be posted to any hospital/government clinics but not necessarily of your own choice. Please bear in mind that as a government servant, the Ministry of Health has the right to place its employee according to the availability. 

I believe this is the longest part of career as a doctor. This is the most important part of your career in which you choose your own pathway.

If you are no longer interested to pursue in medicine, you can quit from the job and try to get an alternative job. If you are keen to become a researcher, you can try applying for jobs in any of the research centre in Malaysia or overseas. 

If you are interested to pursue to become a specialist, you can either join the local Master programme or if possible to sit for any UK-based exam eg MRCP, MRCS, FRCR etc.

The local master programme last on average 4 years followed by 6 months period of gazettement. After you are recognised as a specialist by Ministry of Health, you can choose to join the training programme for any subspecialty you are interested.

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