Thursday, May 19, 2011

3 years old blog entry.

This entry was written on Monday, 19th May 2008 using Blogger scheduled post.

I'm not sure whether this entry will be published on this date or not. This is my promise to Crayon Kakak that on this day, I would write something for her.

This is her old entry 3 years ago...
.....3 tahun akan datang, kakak tidak harapkan anda, anda dan anda masih terus di sini. Tapi, untuk tarikh ini, 19 Mei 2008, kakak mahu langsaikan “hutang” entry yang kakak tak buat di blog AA sebelum ni. Kakak cuma ada satu permintaan. 3 tahun akan datang, pada tarikh 19 Mei 2011 [sila buat reminder, 19 Mei 2011], kakak harap kakak akan terima e-mail, mesej, komen or what-so-ever yang menyatakan bahawa “Saya Masih Ingat Kakak”. [Ini bukan paksaan. Biarlah datang dari hati yang ikhlas].
Dan ketika itu, tentunya kakak akan tersenyum dan terus tersenyum :) . Maaf kalau permintaan kakak terlalu tinggi. Kakak tak minta hadiah apa-apa, cukup-lah dengan yang ini.
crayon said … Kenapa 3 tahun? Kerana kakak sudah berblog lebih dari 3 tahun. Masa 3 tahun juga kakak rasa bukan satu masa yang lama, dan bukan juga satu masa yang singkat. Cukup untuk menentukan siapa kakak di mata anda ;)....
So, who is this blogger? She has been blogging in various blog platforms. I started to know her as Aria Ayumi back when she was still blogging using blogspot. After a while, she moved on to Wordpress platform and start to use the nickname of Crayon Kakak. On 21st June 2008, Crayon Kakak was officially closed. Now, she is blogging as Diya in blogspot again.

Is this cheating? I hope it is not. The reason I wrote this entry 3 years in advance is that I'm not sure whether I'm going to live when that time comes. Death can come unexpectedly and I don't like to break my own promise to my friend.

If this entry is managed to be posted today and her blog is still available on the internet, this is my message to her.

I still remember you and your blog.

I started to know you when you were once called Aria Ayumi. Your blog was entertaining and interesting to me. It gave me a different perspective towards life and helps me to gain experience from your own personal writing.

I hope that on this day you are a bit more closer to reach your dream and not being burdened with sadness. I hope that the person that you are now, is a better person than 3 years ago.

Anything that you have learned so far....please remember those lessons. Anything that is positive, keep it and practice those lessons. Anything negative, use it as a guidance for your future.

19th May 2008.
Melbourne, Australia.

p/s: Interestingly, on 19th May 2008, Tun Dr Mahathir quits from Umno and later joined again on 4th April 2009.