Sunday, November 14, 2010

a reminder from the past

5 years ago, I wrote an email that will be send in 5 years time. It was an interesting experiment to see whether I could receive this email later in the future. There were several uncertainties such as

  1. I might not be using the same email in the future.
  2. I might already passed away
  3. The company who kept those email has bankrupt or the database has been ruined by unprecedented event
  4. If the email is ever received, it might not passed through the spam filter.
Nevertheless, I participated in this experiment and to my surprise, I received that email few days ago. This was the post I wrote 5 years ago

This email had certainly brought many memories. It contains my hope and prediction for the future. It contains several important personal milestones that I wished to be achieved in 5 years time. Few of those milestones, I have managed to achieve it, but there were several which are still in progress or somehow has dropped off from my priority list.

Now, the big question for me would be to do some self-analysis whether I have become a better person in those 5 years time. Those day I was a student and now I am currently a husband and a government employee. I used to have lots of free time and now with the working environment I am in, the concept of free time need to be modified and adjusted according to the opportunity available to me.

An interesting email indeed. A good and unexpected twist after 5 years