Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Preparation for MRCP

For my non-medical readers, MRCP stands for Membership of Royal College of Physician. In Malaysia, it represents post graduate examination for those doctors who would like to specialise in the internal medicine. After successfully passed the exam, then the doctor could pursue in other sub-specialty such cardiology, endocrinology, neurology etc.

There are three components of the exam: part 1, part 2A and part 2B (PACES). I have passed both part 1 and part 2A and currently sitting for part 2B (PACES). Both part 1 and part 2A have multiple choice questions examination papers whereas the part 2B have clinical examination stations.

For part 1, I find that by answering online questions have been quite helpful for my study. I subscribed to Pastest and able to finish the entire question bank. Apart from that, I have been reading Essential Revision Notes for MRCP by Philip A. Kalra as my main textbook.

For part 2A, apart from answering online questions and using Rapid Review of Clinical Medicine for MRCP Part 2 by Shanjay Sharma for my textbook, I find that it was quite useful to create study group to pass the exam. The book by Shanjay Sharma was quite outdated (the latest edition was published in 2006!) and need to cross-check with the latest guideline. However, the algorithms published in the book was quite outstanding and help me to familiarise with the topics.