Wednesday, August 30, 2006

new header

New header image. On the left is the original image taken from

The website is certainly my favourite for excellent wallpaper :)

Monday, August 28, 2006

IE7- RC1

That stands for Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1.

Not much different from Beta 3 though. Overall, the latest Internet Explorer only match what has been available on Firefox and Opera. 3-4 years late.

I still remember the day I choose Firefox over Internet Explorer. Whenever I try to open more than 10 windows on IE, my operating system (Windows XP) start to slow down and later hang. I have to restart all over again. Plus there are simply too many security breach while using IE.

The first time I am using Firefox, I'm quite impressed with tab browsing. It was the first time I use that feature. Now, surfing through many website is as simple as one click. Just click one tab and you will go to the next web. In IE, you have to click the blue taskbar below (most of the time, I choose to group all the IE windows as one group), and then choose from the list shown. That cost me two clicks of effort :).

I'm also impressed that there are simply too many extensions to the Firefox. From time to time, I will visit the Firefox site to check the latest extension available. You will never know what do you need unless you give it a try ;)

Having said that, the only time I ever use IE was when I need to update my operating system and Microsoft Office. The Microsoft website simply don't allow you to use other browser beside IE.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Looking back at this map, it seems my blog visitors are rather spread out. Probably most people found this blog accidentally. There are few big dots at North America and Europe. Australia and New Zealand as expected :)
يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ اتَّقُوا رَبَّكُمْ وَاخْشَوْا يَوْمًا لَّا يَجْزِي وَالِدٌ عَن وَلَدِهِ وَلَا مَوْلُودٌ هُوَ جَازٍ عَن وَالِدِهِ شَيْئًا إِنَّ وَعْدَ اللَّهِ حَقٌّ فَلَا تَغُرَّنَّكُمُ الْحَيَاةُ الدُّنْيَا وَلَا يَغُرَّنَّكُم بِاللَّهِ الْغَرُورُ

O mankind! do your duty to your Lord, and fear (the coming of) a Day when no father can avail aught for his son, nor a son avail aught for his father. Verily, the promise of Allah is true: let not then this present life deceive you, nor let the chief Deceiver deceive you about Allah.

[al-Luqman: 33]

Friday, August 25, 2006


Ever since I read Aie's answer to my questions, I have been thinking.

She said that she never had any choice to choose medicine. That sentence send me straight away to my past :).

During high school in which I took science stream subjects, biology and chemistry were never my favourite subjects. I usually get around 60% for biology and for chemistry around 65%. In fact, I failed my chemistry once ;).

My language subjects, be it Malay or English were never my strength. I hardly ever get marks beyond 80%. I am only good in Math and Additional Maths. Physics..hmm, towards the end of my F5 year, I started to like the subject.

Nobody in my family nor relatives nor distant relatives has become a doctor or nurse or anything to do with the medical field. So, you cannot said that I've been influenced by my family or relatives. In fact, I never dream to become a doctor.

After SPM, I went to the matriculation for about 2 months. During those time, I attended several interviews. Whenever I try to apply for any scholarship, usually I don't know which career I should choose. Thus, I choose several most popular careers such as medicine, engineering and accounting :).

In the end, I got several interviews and few weeks later, I received two offers for scholarship. One for engineering and one for medicine. It was tough time for me to decide. One path will give me 3-4 years at uni and another will send me 5-6 years at uni. I'm strong in Math and Physics but not Biology.

After asking guidance from Allah, somehow my heart tends slightly towards medicine. Thus, if someone asked me why did I choose this path, probably I would say that I don't know :D and only Allah knows what is best for me.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

23 on 23

Narrated 'Abdullah:

The Prophet drew a square and then drew a line in the middle of it and let it extend outside the square and then drew several small lines attached to that central line, and said, "This is the human being, and this, (the square) in his lease of life, encircles him from all sides (or has encircled him), and this (line), which is outside (the square), is his hope, and these small lines are the calamities and troubles (which may befall him), and if one misses him, an-other will snap (i.e. overtake) him, and if the other misses him, a third will snap (i.e. overtake) him."

Sahih Bukhari

Another milestone reached. Alhamdulillah.

Life in this world is a great gift to all of us. Use it wisely.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

yahoo mail beta

I've been using Yahoo Mail beta for a few weeks. The new features are certainly nice and user-friendly. Plus the introduction of tab browsing certainly increases the fluidity of moving around the email account. The added feature of rss feed certainly new to any email account. I can't remember there is rss feed in hotmail, msn or gmail account. Overall, the new yahoo mail seems like a browser within a browser to me.

Everything has its downside though. The beta version eat a lot of bandwidth. Probably due to high usage of java. I cannot access the beta version if my internet speed is slow. That means dial-up user probably cannot use the new version of yahoo mail. Hmm, wonder if the yahoo people can fix that or not....

Monday, August 21, 2006

trial and tribulation

Alif, Lam, Mim.

Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, "We believe", and that they will not be tested?

We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know those who are true from those who are false.

Do those who practise evil think that they will get the better of Us? Evil is their judgment!

For those whose hopes are in the meeting with Allah (in the Hereafter, let them strive); for the term (appointed) by Allah is surely coming and He hears and knows (all things).

And if any strive (with might and main), they do so for their own souls: for Allah is free of all needs from all creation.

Those who believe and work righteous deeds,- from them shall We blot out all evil (that may be) in them, and We shall reward them according to the best of their deeds.

(Al-Ankaboot :1-7 )

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Do you recognise the symbol on the field there? More in here

Saturday, August 19, 2006

delectable food

Aie introduced us to this fotopages showing lots and lots of delicious food ;)

Would like to share this with everyone :)

For delicious food, click here [Enjoy the view, preferably check the website when your stomach is not empty :D]

Friday, August 18, 2006

project outline

I need to submit my project outline in few days time. It need to be within 1000 words and need to explain the scope and few details of my research. It is very similar of writing up a research proposal.

The trouble is the more I wrote for my project outline, the more likely I feel I am writing the real final project out. I have to repress my finger from linking out to the references in the reference software, Endnote :D. If not, the last page of my project outline will be full of references.

Anyway, need to continue my work for a little bit. To reach 1000 words is quite a challenge for me. As I'm not a person who loves to write long paragraph nor stories [You can know that by reading my previous posts in this blog :)]

blogger in beta

Blogger has recently upgrade the features on

There are few changes in the way we set up the blog. There is an option that can restrict your blog audience to few people only. I think the main notable difference is the additional option to edit the template. Previously, Blogger only offer one big empty space for the user to put any html/css/javascript. Well, that interface may suit some people who knows the technical jargon of html but not for the beginners. Hence the new interface provides a good interface for the beginners and it is quite user friendly.

This new interface is still in beta and at the moment, you can only join the beta version by signing up using Gmail account or wait for the invitation from the blogger (need to check the dashboard for that)


Sunday, August 13, 2006

crazy banana

AN Australian has put a banana for sale on eBay in protest at the Howard Government's management of the economy.

After last week's decision by the Reserve Bank to raise interest rates the seller claims he can no longer afford to keep the banana and has decided to cut his losses and sell the piece of fruit.

It turned out to be a sound business decision. He has received a $26 offer.

Tropical Cyclone Larry destroyed 80 per cent of Australia's banana crops earlier this year forcing a hike in prices which currently rests at an average of $12/kg.

In the immediate aftermath of Cyclone Larry banana prices were projected to reach $6/kg but Australians have had to dig deep for the usually inexpensive item and there are still concerns prices will continue to rise.

The seller of the banana has included three photographs of the product to keep with the eBay selling tradition of displaying products for sale.

"As can be seen in the photo(s) the banana is quite a pleasant shade of yellow, with green tinges suggesting that it should survive another week or so," said the seller.

"When eaten, I suggest slicing over breakfast cereal (as I initially planned), or alternatively you could allow it to ripen a little, freeze it and make "real" banana bread later this year when prices would otherwise forbid it."

And just when you think bananas could not possibly be more expensive, do not forget that this fruity treat does incur shipping - the regular $5 postage charge will be added to the highest bid.

Taken from here
Funny :D. Believe me, in Australia nowadays, the price of banana is skyrocketing. Beside oil price, banana price is certainly increased by leaps and bounds. After reading this, I think anything can be selled through eBay :)

3 analogy

Abu Musa (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, The guidance and knowledge with which Allah has sent me are like abundant rain which fell on a land. A fertile part of it absorbed the water and brought forth profuse herbage and pasture; and solid ground patches which retained the water by which Allah has benefited people, who drank from it, irrigated their crops and sowed their seeds; and another sandy plane which could neither retain the water nor produce herbage. Such is the similitude of the person who becomes well-versed in the religion of Allah and receives benefit from the Message entrusted to me by Allah, so he himself has learned and taught it to others; such is also the similitude of the person who has stubbornly and ignorantly rejected Allah's Guidance with which I have been sent.

[Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

This hadith has symbolic meaning for each of the part of the nature being used.
Rain = knowledge
Land = people who learned the knowledge (student). Note that there are three different types of land being described here.
The first analogy describes that whenever the rain came upon the fertile land, the land absorbed the water, and from the water, grow out trees and many vegetations. The vegetations later provide fruit and shade to the animal and human being.

The second analogy describes a different type of land. Whenever the rain soaked the earth, the land only contained the water but does not absorb the water to let vegetation grow. Thus, the land may become a pool, lake or a river. From the water that being contained here, the land provide drinks and supply water for irrigation etc.

The third analogy describes a totally different type of soil. The land is so sandy such that it does not absorb nor contain the water from the rain. Thus, the land becomes useless to the animal and human being. It does give any benefit whatsoever to anyone who pass through the sandy land.

How these three analogies relate to knowledge?

The first one describes a group of people who acquire the knowledge and act upon it. They also convey the knowledge to other people too.

The second analogy describes a group of people who acquire the knowledge but does not act upon it. They do not implement whatever they have learned but instead they told other people to act upon the knowledge.

The third analogy describes a group of people who acquire knowledge but does not act upon it and neither tells other people about their knowledge.

The first group of people is certainly the best of people and the third group is the worst group of people to be. This hadith despite being short, it conveys an important message that almost everyone, if not all are affected by it. The hadith describe three categories of people who acquire the knowledge of the Quran and hadith and act differently upon the knowledge. After more than 20 years living on this world, it is something for me to contemplate whether I am in the first, second or third group of people as described above....

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The Parable of His Light is as if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp: the Lamp enclosed in Glass: the glass as it were a brilliant star: Lit from a blessed Tree, an Olive, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil is well-nigh luminous, though fire scarce touched it: Light upon Light! Allah doth guide whom He will to His Light: Allah doth set forth Parables for men: and Allah doth know all things.

(Lit is such a Light) in houses, which Allah hath permitted to be raised to honour; for the celebration, in them, of His name: In them is He glorified in the mornings and in the evenings, (again and again),

By men whom neither traffic nor merchandise can divert from the Remembrance of Allah, nor from regular Prayer, nor from the practice of regular Charity: Their (only) fear is for the Day when hearts and eyes will be transformed (in a world wholly new),-

That Allah may reward them according to the best of their deeds, and add even more for them out of His Grace: for Allah doth provide for those whom He will, without measure.

But the Unbelievers,- their deeds are like a mirage in sandy deserts, which the man parched with thirst mistakes for water; until when he comes up to it, he finds it to be nothing: But he finds Allah (ever) with him, and Allah will pay him his account: and Allah is swift in taking account.

Or (the Unbelievers' state) is like the depths of darkness in a vast deep ocean, overwhelmed with billow topped by billow, topped by (dark) clouds: depths of darkness, one above another: if a man stretches out his hands, he can hardly see it! for any to whom Allah giveth not light, there is no light!

(An Nur : 35 - 40)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


On 17th October 1973, Islamic nations from OPEC announced selective embargo toward nations that support Israel. From then onwards, a global economic crisis was created and US economy suffered the most. This energy crisis certainly shows how powerful Middle-East nations were when they are united. And it changes the US policy towards Arab nation. More info here

Having said that, that event certainly shows how oil controls the entire globe. Look at the war on Iraq. Certainly it was not caused by 'weapon of mass destruction'. Many believe the objective was to capture Iraq's oil properties since Iraq is a rich oil-producing nation. An increase in oil price create major disturbance and inflict great concern among many people. Even for an increase of 10 cent certainly spell out trouble.

I came across this hadith describing events before the Last Hour.
Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "The Hour will not come to pass before the River Euphrates dries up to unveil the mountain of gold, for which people will fight. Ninety-nine out of one hundred will die (in the fighting) and every man amongst them will say: `Perhaps I may be the only one to remain alive.'''

Another narration is: "The time is near when the River Euphrates will dry up to unveil a treasure of gold. Whosoever may be alive at that time, should not take anything of it.''
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Do you know where the River Euphrates flows? It flows from Turkey through Iraq. Thinking about the hadith, I think there will be another war or battle somewhere in near future along the River Euphrates. And to think that many people will die in fighting for that mountain of gold.....

At present, even oil already caused major trouble / war in this world. Aren't we getting closer and closer to the Last Hour?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

blind heart

Do they not travel through the land, so that their hearts (and minds) may thus learn wisdom and their ears may thus learn to hear? Truly it is not their eyes that are blind, but their hearts which are in their chest.

(Al-Hajj : 46)

Friday, August 04, 2006


Abu Sa`id and Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with them) reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said,

"No fatigue, nor disease, nor anxiety, nor sadness, nor hurt, nor distress befalls a Muslim, even if it were the prick he receives from a thorn, but that Allah expiates some of his sins for that"

(Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

a busy week

Another week of collecting data for my research. My research is a clinical audit and that involves me interviewing and examining as many patients as I can. Felt like doing OSCE a thousand times but this time it is real patient. No more simulated patient.

It is quite hard initially. The first day, the clinic received few 5th year medical students and I felt quite crowded indeed. I think they are doing their rotation for paediatrics. Anyway, I managed to get through that. Some of the 5th year thought me as a real doc as I'm quite fast doing my interviewing and physical examination:). I had to be fast as I need to get as many patients as possible.

Examining patients was not that easy though. I have to do the interview and examination in front of the consultants and registrars. Quite nervous at first. I had to be self-conscious at first of what I talked and told to the patient. Being the lowest in the chain and lacking expertise certainly a cause for me to be anxious.Fortunately my supervisor help me a lot.

After spending a lot of time with the patients, I have noticed that the patients and their family are quite varied. There are childrens who are so hyperactive and in another extreme, there are those who are so gloomy. There are parents who are over-protective and quite anxious. And there are parents who let their children to have anything what they want. There are a lot of invisible pyschosocial factors hidden among the patients and families. An interesting observation for me.


Every soul shall have a taste of death: and We test you by evil and by good by way of trial. To Us must ye return.

(Al-Anbiya : 35)


Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away. Never comes (aught) to them of a renewed Message from their Lord, but they listen to it as in jest,- Their hearts toying as with trifles. The wrong-doers conceal their private counsels, (saying), "Is this (one) more than a man like yourselves? Will ye go to witchcraft with your eyes open?" Say: "My Lord knoweth (every) word (spoken) in the heavens and on earth: He is the One that heareth and knoweth (all things)." "Nay," they say, "(these are) medleys of dream! - Nay, He forged it! - Nay, He is (but) a poet! Let him then bring us a Sign like the ones that were sent to (Prophets) of old!" (As to those) before them, not one of the populations which We destroyed believed: will these believe? Before thee, also, the messengers We sent were but men, to whom We granted inspiration: If ye realise this not, ask of those who possess the Message. Nor did We give them bodies that ate no food, nor were they exempt from death. In the end We fulfilled to them Our Promise, and We saved them and those whom We pleased, but We destroyed those who transgressed beyond bounds. We have revealed for you (O men!) a book in which is a Message for you: will ye not then understand?

(Al-Anbiya : 1-10)