Thursday, January 20, 2005


Just came back from Melbourne Malaysia Hall celebrating Aidiladha. Yeah, I know it is rather early to celebrate but here at Melbourne, we follow the decision of Saudi Arabia to celebrate it on Thursday.

Not many people came to Malaysia Hall since many Malaysians still enjoying their long summer holiday and even the Malaysian students who stayed here are busy with their summer course. Head count less than 30 people on the man side but I expect the same goes to the woman side. What was interesting that the khutbah delivered by the imam really captivate me till the end.

In the khutbah, he spoke regarding the history of Aidiladha. He also mentioned the opening of Makkah by the Prophet Muhammad SAW with his companions. He mentioned that on 9 Hijrah, Makkah was cleaned from the taghut' with the will of Allah such that the Holy City was declared the forbidden land for all non-Muslim. It took the Muslim a couple of years to strengthen their iman and unity in fighting the evil force that were surrounding them during those times.

Jahiliyah was very prominent and there were times when it was said anyone who follows the teaching of Muhammad will be led astray and will become poor and humiliated by the community. Yet, the coin turns. Despite lacking the proper facility, finance and were few in numbers, Muslim managed to open Makkah and from thereon, spreading the teaching of Muhammad to the whole world. Islam dominated the world.

Now, we were actually in the same phase as the early Makkah. The Muslim nowadays were many but none become united on the basis of faith. Nationalism, nepotism and materialism have captured the mind of many Muslims. The unity among Muslims seem to be a mirage and the kuffar already become our inspiration and guidance to achieve the so-called ultimate modern civilisation. Where are the spirit of unity that have lead the opening of Makkah? Where are those people who will sacrifice everything for Islam?

Aidiladha is about sacrifice but are we willing to sacrifice everything we loved for the path of truth?

Those words and questions made me ponder a lot. Am I qualified to celebrate Aidiladha?.....

In front of the Melbourne Malaysia Hall

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